Sandip Dhodapkar
President 2020-21)

Practicing Chartered Accountant for past 3 decades. Wide range of experience in the audit, direct and indirect tax as well as infrastructure and forex sectors. ROTARY EXPERIENCE: Joined Rotary Club of Nagpur in May 2008 Chairperson of Traffic Awareness committee in Rotary years 2009-10 and 2010-11. Made presentations on Traffic safety at more than 50 schools. Chairperson of Scholarship Committee since Rotary year 2009-10 and seen support increase from 53 students from 1 institution in 2009-10 to more than 800 students in 11 institutions in 2015-16. Also raised Scholarship Corpus Fund to Rs. 30 lakhs. Director TRF in Rotary year 2015-16. Raised money from 46 potential PHFs and 5 Major Donors. Jt. Secretary in Rotary Year 2016-17 in charge of Scholarship, Programs committee, Sports committee and Golden Orange. Vice President in 2018-19 and President Elect in 2019-20. Regular participant in singing/acting in Rotary fellowships. HOBBIES AND EXTRA CURRICULAR Avid tennis player, sports enthusiast and book lover.